U-Special is a program for students who want to acquire real-world skills in a short time period. Under this program, we offer special discounts for all students.

To know more about current U-Special offers for Students and special pricing, share your information and our U-Special Customer Relations Expert will connect with you right away:

    Skillsoft Leadership Development Program – 1 YearTechnology and Developer Courseware – 1 YearBusiness and Management Skills Collection – 1 Year



    The U Special Scholar is someone who is exceptionally talented, bright and goal-oriented. A go-getter who is a student, yet restless to make an impact on the world in the area of technology and business. Someone who is a natural born-leader, looking to refine his/her skills to become an exceptional people manager.

    Upskillme Academy is constantly looking for ways to shape the youth and support them in their learning needs. With this intent, the U Special Scholar program offers price discounts or other incentives to help you blaze through your learning goals.

    If you have demonstrated exceptional talent through your marks, won awards or recognition for the same, submit your request (along with proofs, certificates, mark sheets) along with a brief write-up on how Upskillme Academy can empower you to change the world.

    We will consider your request and grant you additional learning resources on the platform based on your request and our policies.

    Email us at: connect@cedro.in

    with the subject line “USPECIAL SCHOLAR”