Our Mission &


Upskillme Academy is a venture of Cedro Systems. It was formed with a vision to empower India’s working professionals and soon-to-graduate students, with access to world class skill development programs, previously accessible only through corporate training. Our motto is to put the learner in the driving seat of their career aspirations.




The UpSkill Academy Logo represents individual growth. The character ‘U’ is reflected with arrows going up from left to right, wherein, each arrow denotes the growth trajectory of an individual moving upwards.

The accompanying lines with 2 arrows denote the learning, both structured and need-based that enable the individual to succeed.

The darker tones of the colour blue relate to trust, honesty and reliability – values that are at the core of Upskillme Academy’s ethos.

Learn at a pace that works with your schedule

Become an expert in something new, in a matter of minutes

The best teachers are within reach

In-depth or quick access, choose your momentum